Sepp Blatter Has Been Hospitalised

There is no lack of dislike for Sepp Blatter among football fans, that is no secret. From issues such as financial mismanagement to the constant allegations against him of corruption which have led him to be suspended from FIFA for 90 days, there are countless reasons why fans want him out of the footballing world indefinitely.

However, last week, Blatter was placed into hospital care in Zurich after going for a check up and subsequently suffering a ‘minor emotional breakdown’. He is expected to stay there until next week whilst his situation is being monitored by doctors. According to the 79-year-old’s spokesman, he will continue to fight against his ban, and for his under-threat presidential position, despite being heavily criticised from many footballing bodies; “He said to me yesterday ‘I was elected president by the 209 members of the Congress and no commission can put me out of the game.’ He’s fighting against this suspension.”

Despite him stating that he will continue in his campaign, it must be questioned whether Blatter can handle the stress of being at the head of one of the biggest sporting governing bodies in the world and being constantly in the public eye… clearly the doctors think not. Maybe it’s time for the Swiss man to finally concede his position and spend the rest of life away from the stress of the job.

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