Bendtner Released By Wolfsburg

Nicklas Bendtner has been released by Wolfsburg. The one time Arsenal prospect has failed to impress at the German club and subsequently has seen his time at Die Wölfe cut short by a year.

Nicklas Bendtner

Since signing a contract in 2014, Bendtner has appeared 31 times and has scored just three goals… not exactly what Wolfsburg need to mount a challenge on the impenetrable force that is Bayern Munich. The 28-year-old ‘burst’ on to scene as a youngster at Arsenal where he made 108 appearances. At first, the Dane received a lot of interest around the world, and looked to be a promising striker for the Gunners, but, after only scoring 28 goals for them, the North London outfit decided to cut their losses, sending him out on loan to Birmingham City, Sunderland and Juventus until his contract came to an end.


Some sympathy has to be shown for ‘Lord Bendtner’ as he has always been the butt of the joke in the media and has been relentlessly trolled on social media due to his lack of success at Arsenal. Although, it is pretty hard to feel sorry for a man who is married to a Danish princess and has been getting paid ludicrous amounts of money his whole life!


Who knows, we may yet see Nicklas Bendtner in the Premier League again if some brave manager feels to give him a second coming… or he could simply retire and enjoy his life as a member of the Danish royalty.

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