Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers (Rooney, Shearer etc.)

Wayne Rooney became the joint-second all-time goalscorer when he scored his first away goal in 11 months against Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday. Who are the players who join Rooney in the top ten all-time goal-scorers in England’s top flight?

10. Robin Van Persie

The ex-Arsenal and Manchester United man finds himself in tenth place in the all time Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers list. In 280 Premier League appearances, the ‘Flying Dutchman’ scored 144 goals and is widely regarded as one of the greatest poachers of the Premier League era… the mind boggles at the amount of goals RVP could have scored if he wasn’t so injury prone.

Arsenal: 194 games, 96 goals
Manchester United: 86 games, 48 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.51

9. Teddy Sheringham

The three-time winner of the Premier League with Manchester United and the oldest outfield player to play in the league is in 9th place in the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers chart. After stints with Spurs, Portsmouth, West Ham United, Manchester United and Nottingham Forest in the top-flight, Sheringham ended up with figures of 146 goals in 418 appearances.

Spurs: 236 games, 97 goals
Portsmouth: 32 games, 9 goals
West Ham United: 43 games, 8 goals
Manchester United: 104 games, 31 goals
Nottingham Forest: 3 games, 1 goal

Goals per Game Average: 0.35

158823hp28. Les Ferdinand

MBE Les Ferdinand is 8th in the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers chart. The ex Spurs, West Ham United, Leicester City, Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle United and Queens Park Rangers forward managed to knock in 149 goals in 351 appearances.

Spurs: 118 games, 33 goals
West Ham United: 14 games, 2 goals
Leicester City: 29 games, 12 goals
Bolton Wanderers: 12 games, 1 goal
Newcastle United: 68 games, 41 goals
Queens Park Rangers: 110 games, 60 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.42

7. Michael Owen

The ex-Real Madrid man and 2001 Ballon d’Or winner was well-known as one of the hottest prospects of football during his younger days at Liverpool. After one season with Los Blancos, Owen was sent back to the Premier League, where he carried on playing with Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City, where he played his last game on 19th May 2013. His Premier League figures read 150 goals in 326 games.

Liverpool: 216 games, 118 goals
Newcastle United: 71 games, 26 goals
Manchester United: 31 games, 5 goals
Stoke City: 8 games, 1 goal

Goals per Game Average: 0.46

Robbie-Fowler-cropped6. Robbie Fowler

Liverpool favourite Robbie Fowler is 6th in the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers chart. After stints with Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Leeds United and Manchester City, Fowler ended his career with Premier League stats of 163 in 379 games.

Liverpool: 266 games, 128 goals
Manchester City: 80 games, 21 goals
Leeds United: 30 games, 14 goals
Blackburn Rovers: 3 games, 0 goals

Goals per Games Average: 0.43

5. Thierry Henry

Monsieur Henry brought some Va Va Voom with his audacious football style and his role in the 03/04 Arsenal ‘Invincibles’. The highest-up foreign player to feature in the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers chart was one of the greatest exports from France since Eric Cantona. With 175 goals in 258 games, there is a clear reason why he is considered one of Arsenal’s and the Premier League’s greatest ever goalscorers.

Arsenal: 258 games, 175 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.68

4. Frank Lampard

The only Midfielder in the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers chart and Chelsea’s top-scoring player ever, Frank Lampard is well-known as being one of the most prolific centre midfielders the world has ever seen. Scoring 22 goals from midfield in the 09/10 season is an achievement in itself and after scoring 177 goals in 609 appearances, it is understandable that is held in high-esteem when looking at the top goal-scorers ever.

West Ham United: 148 games, 24 goals
Chelsea: 429 games, 147 goals
Manchester City: 32 games, 6 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.29

andy-cole3. Andrew Cole

The joint-second scorer (at the time of writing),  and 5-time Premier League winner, Andrew Cole is known for his prolific goal-scoring and his almost telepathic partnership with fellow Manchester United striker, Dwight Yorke. After playing for seven different clubs (Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and Sunderland), the ex- England international ended his career with Premier League figures of 187 goals in 414 games.

Newcastle United: 58 games, 43 goals
Manchester United: 195 games, 93 goals
Blackburn Rovers: 83 games, 27 goals
Fulham: 31 games, 12 goals
Manchester City: 22 games, 9 goals
Portsmouth: 18 games, 3 goals
Sunderland: 7 games, 0 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.45

2. Wayne Rooney

Manchester United captain, Wayne Rooney is the only player in the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers list who is still currently playing in the Premier League. The 5-time Premier League winner, and 09/10 Player of the Season finds himself in second place, and Rooney is not finished yet. Breaking onto the scene as a fresh-faced 16-year-old at Everton, Rooney has been under the scope for his whole career; and, in general, he has not disappointed. After becoming England’s all-time top scorer recently, Rooney currently holds Premier League stats of 187 goals in 415 games – 1 more games than his second-place compatriot, Andrew Cole.

Everton: 67 games, 15 goals
Manchester United: 348 games, 172 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.45

1. Alan Shearer

The Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United legend, Alan Shearer has been at the summit of the Top 10 Premier League Goal Scorers list since his retirement in 2006. His incredible 260 goals in 441 games looks like it will be a record that will stand for quite a while longer too, with second-place Wayne Rooney about to enter his 30s. After scoring 112 goals in 138 games, and winning the title with Blackburn in the 94/95 season, Shearer went from strength to strength becoming Newcastle United’s top scorer by over 100 goals as well Blackburn’s.

Blackburn Rovers: 138 games, 112 goals
Newcastle United: 303 games, 148 goals

Goals per Game Average: 0.59