Anglo-French Solidarité at Wembley

When England take on France this evening at Wembley, it is expected that the English fans will sing the French national anthem, Marseillaise, in ‘solidarité’ with the French fans. This is, of course, being done to show respect for the lives lost in the series of attacks in Paris last Friday night.

As well as the singing of the French national anthem, captains Wayne Rooney and Hugo Lloris will lay flowers down and a minute’s silence shall be observed to honour the lives of the 129 people who died last week. To further show the support of the English people to the French, the Wembley arch will be lit up in blue, white and red – the colours of the French flag – during the game, following the stadium displaying the French flag and motto ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’ this week.

After fears this weekend that the match would be called off amid security fears, FA chief Martin Glenn stated that the match would go on, and claimed that this event “is a chance to demonstrate terrorism can’t win.” This event is a great chance to highlight to the world not only the unity of football fans, but the support humanity will provide in the aftermath of such horrific events.